About Us

Arian Teb Sepahan co. was funded circa. 1993 with the goal of offering high-quality hygiene & cosmetic products to Iran’s market. The funders and managers of this company are all experienced in this field and are graduates of medicine and pharmacology; thus in addition to absolute familiarity with professional areas related to skin, hair, materials science and formulas, they also believe in the necessity of scientific and technological support for best production and are putting all their effort into the exposition of world prime products to Iranian consumers.

This company began its activity by importing and distributing the hair products of Alpecin Medicinal, under the license of Dr. Kurt Wolff from Germany. These products were intended to solve problems such as oiliness, dandruff, hair weakness or a mixture of these.After that, Dr. Kurt Wolff assigned the representation of Plantur, intended for women’s hair loss and Alcina’s skincare products to this company.
In continuation and for the completing the product line, importing and distribution of Trind from Netherlands’ nail-care products were also assigned to this company.

The base of this company’s activity is relying on science, experience and benefiting from the latest scientific researches in the processes of choosing the products, marketing and selling and gaining the customer’s satisfaction. 

As of now, this company is active in most states of Iran. In the building of these deputations and for marketing and selling, certain persons were chosen as heads of state sales, product’s scientific representatives, sales counsellors and marketers. This broad team, in synchronization with the managers, have formed the central office and their highest efforts are to offer the product with the best quality